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May 27, 2016


I guess my deep-down reason of my love for traveling is that I'm able to stay inspired every single moment. I can run into random but lovely places and interesting people. Also, I can shop somewhere different lol. But seriously, snapping millions of WOW pictures to build my instagram feed is another strong reason. Right now I'm having a little break from reality in Europe. I've already expected that I would eat way too much than my stomach can hold, so... I brought a bottle of green tea extract to accelerate my metabolism. 

Pinned this wonderful quote from where I stayed in Lisbon:" HE OFFERED HER THE WORLD. SHE SAID SHE HAD HER OWN." Reminds me of the book by Caroline de Maigret when she's talking about the power of girls' gang. 

I guess duster costs or soft trench coats would be back to the "new trend" again? 

After this trip, I believe I'll have too many interior design ideas for my studio next year. I'm afraid I need a whole building to visualize them...