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Mar 22, 2017


Hello after half a year?
It's me again ;)

This really started from nowhere. I didn't touch my page for a long long time, until this afternoon coming back from a local visit in San Juan, Puerto Rico. (Yes, I'm on spring break. And, this is my last spring break in college.) On my Uber ride back myself, scrolling down my busy Instagram feed, I felt somehow guilty. I panicked. I do love my pictures and I enjoyed so much every single moment. But I just didn't feel happy by posting nonstop on Instagram and checking notifications of one another 'like'. Then, I suddenly realized wait, I have a place, which is here, where I can pour it out in a raw way. It feels more spacious here. No longer a narrow feed on a phone, where you HAVE to see my posts. Maybe people like them but it's also understandable that some don't.  Clicking in and out, like it or not, pretty chill. And this page serves that for me plus I can add my own design. LOL, this is a good rationale for my sighs and a little sadness on the Uber.

Okayyyy. I feel much better now :)

Worn some of my favorite favorite outfits, which were kept in closet for months
The off-shoulder floral top is from Kenzo/H&M, the color and texture is amazing.
Tasted new flavors and felt yucked sometimes behind the camera.
Was trying to be sassy like a queen, glad it worked eventually (the last pic on the bottom right)
Posed in a quirky way to show my new hauls!
 (I'm super grateful for having a new Prada envelope clutch and a GucciGhost ring)
also to show my fake abs lol
At the end laughed at myself, i picked 11 pictures out of 300,
however the guy I have crush on still hasn't liked my picture yet ((@.@) I'm watching you...)

Cheers! Tomorrow will be much better.